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Haulers, Hydraulics & Clutches

Hauler assemblies & parts

Hauler Parts

Hauler DiagramRose Marine offers an extensive product range of hauling equipment for virtually any application which involves hauling a line, such as inshore and mid-shore lobster and crab fishing. Hauler components are available in variety of materials like steel, bronze and stainless.

Give us a call and tell us about your application, we will assemble a hauler that will fit your needs at a price to fit your budget.


Hydraulic Power units

Hydraulic Power Units

Hydraulic DiagramCompact, Lightweight and efficient systems for providing hydraulic power. Powered by Honda 4 stroke gasoline engines. Well known for their dependability. These units come complete with engine, hydraulic pump, hydraulic  tank and return line filter.
Units available

  • 13hp engine w/11.3 G.P.M Pump
  • 9 HP engine w/8 G.P.M. Pump
  • 5.5HP engine w/5 G.P.M.

Other options available are electric start and engine oil alert
Purchase with complete hauler system for further discounted pricing.

Hauling system components and Hydraulics

Rose Marine offers an extensive product range of hydraulic components for anything from lobster and crab pot hauling to heavier duty hydraulic applications such as that used on fishing trawlers. Our variety of products are too extensive to be detailed on this website. Call us with your particular application. We will be happy to provide with a solution that suits your needs for both marine and industrial.

Below are a few examples of the many choices you have available from us:

Hydraulic motors

Char-Lyn Motors

CHAR-Lyn Motors

White Motors

WHITE Motors

Hydraulic Pumps

Gresen Vane Pumps

Gresen Vane Pumps
12 to 24 GPM

Vane Pumps

Vane Pumps
4 to 12 GPM

Hydraulic Valves

Gresen 25P

Gresen 25P
35 GPM


40 GPM
Rotary action

Cross 20

Cross 20 GPM
spring return

Cross 30

Cross30 GPM
Rotary action

Hydraulic Tanks

Hydraulic Tanks

Hydraulic tanks
6 to 24 GAL

“In House” Hydraulics Capabilities

ParkerROSE MARINE has extensive store front, hydraulics capabilities. We are a PARKER Hydraulics distributor. We stock wide range of hoses, crimp fittings and adaptors and can manufacture crimped hydraulic hoses in most occasions, while you wait. Of course, you can always call or e-mail us with your requirements and if we stock it, and we can usually ship same day.

 For technical information, click here

Hydraulic Power Crimper
Hydraulic Power Crimper
Hose ReelsHose sizes from ¼” I.D. to 1-1/2” I.D.
Hose SamplesExtensive inventory of hose , fittings and adaptors



OGURA has designed a 250 ft./lbs clutch that is both reliable and affordable.

The new spring design makes this clutch bi-directional, and can be converted from 1" bore to 3/4",7/8" keyed or splined drive by adding an insert.

The 1” bore is double keyed for a quick fix in a damaged keyway situation.

Model# 8630112 250ft lb belt drive
Model# 863212 250ft lb direct drive

Direct Drive or Belt Drive available. 12v or 24v 6 Amp Draw.


The OGURA 450 & 1000 Ft.Lbs. clutches have all the same advantages as the 250 Ft. Lbs. clutch with the exception that it REQUIRES an insert (see below) to convert the 1 3/4" bore to your pump specifications,making it one of the most versatile clutches in the industry.

Model# 863512 450ft lb direct drive
Model# 863912 1000ft lb direct drive

All 450 & 1000 Ft. Lbs clutches are direct drive 8 amps.


The 1500 ft lb does not require an insert. It comes standard with 1 3/4" 13 tooth splined.

Model# 863950 1500ft lb direct drive

For more detailed information about Ogura Clutches, click here.

Direct Drive Solutions

Drive Shafts

Drive shafts available for 250ft lb to 1500 ft lb clutches.

PItts Clutch/Pump Mounting Bracket

Pitts Clutch/Pump Mounting Bracket
400/1000 lb

PItts Clutch/Pump Mounting Bracket

Pitts Clutch/Pump Mounting Bracket
250 lb

Rose Marine has the expertise and capabilities to service many Hydraulic components. If it’s a Motor that needs a new seal to a valve to needs a complete rebuild, if we sell it, we service it.