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Water separating fuel filters


Racor Fuel Filters

For Marine and Trucking customers,
Rose Marine stocks quality Racor products that improve equipment’s performance, reducing down time, reduce maintenance, and safeguard the environment.

For more specific information about your application, call us or click here. (Please note that this is a large file 128MB, so give it time to load)

Lube, Hydraulic and Fuel Filters

Fuel Filters

For Marine and Trucking customers,
Rose Marine also stocks an extensive inventory of FLEETGUARD/CUMMINGS brand secondary fuel filters, Lube, Hydraulic and Air filters. Call us or click here to cross it over to our brand part number.

Fuel Solution

Fuel Solutions

Don't dump your fuel, fix it!
It has never made sense to simply get rid of bad diesel, but today’s fuel prices and environmental concerns make it more important than ever to keep your fuel in peak condition. It’s the life blood of your boat which could be a matter of life or death in bad weather conditions.

ROSE MARINE offers fuel wide range of fuel polishing systems that you can’t afford NOT to explore.

For more specs on the 150GPH DC Racor System, click here
For more choices of fuel polishing systems, click here

Algae-X cleans your fuel system by simply running the engines!

Diesel fuel is constantly being attacked by water & microbial contamination. Microscopic fuel components agglomerate forming larger clusters and organic compounds. Eventually, filters clog and sludge (algae, gum, tar, varnish, wax, etc.) accumulates in storage tanks. ALGAE-X Technology reverses the agglomeration process.

For more information on the benefits of an ALGAE-X call or click here.

Algae-X Diagram