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Propeller Shaft Accessories

Shaft Couplings

ROSE MARINE stocks the Buck Algonquin line of transmission couplers. These couplers are cast from ductile iron and machined to SAE J755 specifications. Most of the couplers are machined with a universal bolt-hole pattern. All of our couplers are supplied with mounting hardware. We also offer custom machining for couplers in our full service machine shop click here or give us a call, we will happy to help you.

Shaft Couplings



Absorbs vibration, reduces noise. Saves Your Powertrain.

The DRIVESAVER™ provides a flexible, non-metallic barrier between your transmission and propeller shaft. This barrier reduces drive-train vibration, resulting in reduced noise to you, your crew and the water. As a result, you and your vessel are more efficient in a quieter environment

The DRIVESAVER™ effectively absorbs thrust and torque from the propeller shaft, as well as excessive shock from changing gears and high speed planing. It also helps control damage and misalignment from torsional engine movement. And, the DRIVESAVER™ keeps on working, under normal conditions, for the life of the drive-train, without any lubrication or maintenance.
For drivesaver sizing information, click on this link

Cutlass Bearings

Cutlass Bearings

ROSE MARINE stocks Duramax¨ water-lubricated rubber bearings. They are trusted by more marine industry professionals than any others. Duramax® bearings possess inherent vibration-dampening qualities and are non-polluting. Grit particles and other abrasives wash into grooves and are flushed away, protecting the shaft and prolonging bearing life. Standard bearings are kept on the shelf, ready to ship.

If need be, our full service machine shop can press out your worn out bearing form your stern tube and re-fit a new one

The different styles and sizes of cutlass bearings are too numerous to list here.  To determine what cutlass bearing you need, just gives a call or click on the link below
cutlass brass sleeve & flange bearings

Intermediate Bearings

Intermediate bearings

Although ROSE MARINE is able to provide you with what intermediates bearing your application may require, split bearings are recommended for application where it is necessary to remove a cap for servicing or replacing a bearing.  This style eliminates removing pulleys and couplings from the shaft when replacement is required.  Loading range is limited to 30° below the joint.  The angular parting of the cap is provided with shims to compensate for wear and adjustments.

For a sizing chart for your bearing needs, click here.

Piranha bearings

The PIRANHA line cutter features dual serrated cutting edges for unmatched performance, machined from high quality stainless steel.

  • Dual serrated edge designed allows for a cleaner more efficient cutting surface.
  • Simple & stabile precision split design eliminates the need to remove your propeller.
  • The design allows for the cutter to be re-sharpened.

Manufactured for shafts 1” through 4 ½”. 

Packless Shaft Seals

Packless Sealing System Shaft Seal

Packless Sealing System

PSS Shaft Seals  Offer the following benefits

  • Dripless Operation - eliminates needless Bilge Pumping
  • Maintenance- Free - no more packing and repacking
  • Reduced Costs - eliminates shaft wear & minimizes corrosion

Packless Sealing System

Duramax marine
Duramax Prop Shaft

JOHNSON/DURAMAX BRZ Shaft Seals Offer the following benefits

  • Maintenance Free: No lip seals or packing to change.
  • Built- in Redundancy: Designed w/backup air-seal feature to stop water flow while shaft is stationary
  • Simple Design: combatively priced compared to other comparable units
  • Easy Installation: Supplied with undrilled mounting flange so you can use your existing bolt pattern.

Johnson Shaft Seals