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Johnson Pumps

Bronze impeller pumps

Johnson Pump

Flexible impeller pumps provide an efficient solution to most raw water pumping needs. The pumps are self-priming and can pass fairly large solids without clogging or damaging the pumps. Designed for a number of applications on board, with an electro-magnetic clutch you will have pumping power whenever needed, at a push of a button, without being at the pump.  Wearing parts are easily replaceable and service kits are available for all standard models.

Most of following JOHNSON Bronze impeller pumps are directly interchangeable with JABSCO Pumps and offer a superior double bearing design for extended shaft, seal and bearing life

Bronze Pedestal Pump

Bronze Pedestal Pumps available with 3/8” to 2” N.P.T. Ports

Heavy Duty Clutch Pump

Heavy Duty Clutch Pumps available with 1” to 1-1/2” N.P.T. Ports

Extra Heavy Duty Clutch Pump

Extra Heavy Duty Clutch Pumps available up to 2-1/2” N.P.T..Ports

Pumps also available mounted on Sliding Bracket Mount or Hinged Mount
(see below)

Sliding Bracket or Hinged Mounts

Engine Cooling Pumps

Self-priming Flexible Impeller Pumps are ideal for inboard engine cooling systems. Johnson Pump engine cooling pumps are available in a variety of mounting styles and sizes. SPX Johnson Pump is the original equipment pump supplier to the largest manufacturers of world-wide of inboard engines.

Engine Cooling Pumps

To find the pump specific to your engine click here

Bilge Pumps

The SPX Johnson Pump Marine submersible pumps can handle most of the bilge pump applications. Heavy duty motors with stainless steel (SS2343) shaft and tough thermoplastic bodies provide for a long pump life. With an automatic switch installed, the pump automatically comes on when there is water in the bilge and shuts off when it is dry. Submersible bilge pumps are not self-priming and must be installed in the deepest part of the bilge.

For more info and Bilge pump choices:  Click here

Cartridge Type Bilge Pump

Cartridge Type Bilge pumps.
Compact, all-in-one motor/impeller unit
No tools needed for maintenance.
550 GPH to 1250 GPH available

2200 GPM Bilge Pump

2200 GPM Bilge Pump

12V, 24V or 32V
Fits RULE 2000 GPM cage

Includes check valve to prevent backwash. Choice of 3 hose sizes

Ultima combo Bilge pump

Bilge Pump & Switch

Compact, all-in-one unit integrated Ultima Switch sensing built
right into the pump body.
Available as 600 GPH to 1250 GPH
Part# 32-472-61 (1200 GPH Model)

Float Switch

Self Enclosed Float Switch
Enclosed magnetic ball
floats with protected enclosure to complete circuit and activate bilge pump. 12V OR 24/32V
Part# 36152 (12v)

Ultima Water Sensing Bilge Switch

ULTIMA water sensing bilge switch
New digital technology uses the patented Mirus™ field effect detector cells producing micro-electrical fields that detect disruptions caused by water and fluids. Detector cells are totally sealed, are never in contact with the water, will not corrode and are not affected by oil or foreign debris.

Hinge style float switch

Johnson Pump’s least expensive switch is one we found to be most reliable. Traditional hinge switch design, available in 12v or 24V

Washdown & Water System

Aqua Jet Five Chamber

Aqua Jet five chamber diaphragm pump provides the perfect water pressure or deck wash solution. Operates in fresh or sea water. Self priming.

For more info and pump choices, click here

Aqua Jet WPS Five-chamber

This new medium demand unit from SPX Johnson Pump consists of an Aqua Jet WPS five-chamber diaphragm pump integrated with a pre-pressurized 2 liters accumulator tank and inline strainer. The unit's design allows for either vertical or horizontal installation.

Aqua Jet Wash Down Kit

Aqua Jet Wash Down Kit 5.2
New (5.2 GPM) wash down kit conveniently includes a high capacity Aqua Jet WD 5.2, (70 psi), inlet strainer, spray nozzle, bulk head fitting with valve, (25') of coiled wash down hose and an illuminated panel switch all in one package. Aqua Jet wash down pump kit makes it easy to add a wash down pump to any boat.

Grey Water Pumps

Viking Power 32

Compact toilet handling and waste water pump,

The Viking Power 32, can be used to pump un-macerated sewage to a holding tank or transfer it onwards to a septic tank. The Viking Power Vacuum has double check-valves and can therefore also be used in vacuum toilet systems. Naturally, pumping ordinary shower or sink drain water or bilge water is no problem for either pump.

This pump can not only be run dry, it can also handle a mixture of air and water without difficulty. The Viking Power 32/Vacuum provides maximum flow of 32 liters per minute and is self-priming up to a height of 2.5 (32) or 3.5 (Vacuum) meters

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Pump Parts


ROSE MARINE stocks an extensive inventory of parts for the pumps that we sell including
GLOBE, JOHNSON, SHERWOOD and Jabsco impellers. Seals, bearings, and wear-plates as well to name a few.

The GLOBE impeller is very innovative Design in impeller technology Globe impellers are made of high-strength elastomeric materials, developed for optimum fluid transfer and built with special self-lubricating compounds for guaranteed run-dry protection. They can run dry for 15 minutes!

To cross your impeller over the GLOBE brand, call us or click here